Our Story

Twiga is the creation of Toronto-based apparel designer Chuck Beatty.

A few years ago, LuLuLemon designed and manufactured a line of children's clothing for a very short while. As the menswear designer for the company at the time, Chuck jumped on the chance to acquire some of the first outfits from the line for his newly born niece. Over the years, she wore and loved the outfits, and their presence was captured in photos and in her heart and mind.

She eventually grew out of the toddler-sized wear but never let go of her love for the outfits. On a recent trip back to Canada, she begged her uncle to make her another pair, and needless to say he couldn't say no. In an effort to not make just another pair of pants and to do something special for his niece, he screen-printed her name into the waistband. She was thrilled, and soon her friends and their moms were all wanting to know where she got her personalized athletic wear from. The result? Twiga Clothing.

Now everyone can have the opportunity to treat themselves or the special girls in their lives with bespoke athletic gear to train, dance, and live in.