Poppin' Block Short

Personalized shorts from Twiga. Made with amazing fabric that is wicking, breathable and super soft. For when the least coverage is best, freeing up skin to breathe and legs to move

DELIVERY & SIZE NOTE: Estimated 7 business days production time + shipping time. Women's sizes designated by letter: XS, S, M & L

Fit Guarantee: If the item(s) you buy does not fit properly we will replace the item(s), with a larger/smaller size, free of

Our made in Canada garments are composed of: 

Charcoal & Stone Grey Colours: 46% Nylon / 42% Polyester / 12% Lycra® Spandex. Black, White  & Pink Fabrics: 90% Nylon / 10% Lycra® Spandex. 

For best results cold wash & hang dry. For those with busy lives, we test all of our goods in regular warm wash & tumble dry conditions. Best not to wash with towels. 



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